Reorganization of Companies

Organization structure of each enterprise is one of the main tools through which medium and long term objectives achieved. It captures precisely the lines of reporting, the decision points and the key priorities of a business.

Our approach includes full charting and assessment of the current situation with the Pros and Cons, determine the future structure which should be consistent with the business plan of the company. At the same time any transformation is accompanied by specific implementation schedule that takes into account the particular structure of each company.

Within the framework of developing organizational structure, our highly experienced staff of auditors, fully specialized in large companies / groups in the Greek market , create and record operating manuals thus, establishing an effective and efficient Internal System Control.

In principle, we develop the necessary safeguards in your work, so as the management of your company control and complete all functions, ensuring transactions, productivity and significantly reducing costs.


Balance Sheet & Loan Restructuring – Overdue Loans

Identify optimal Business Finance

Either on Bull or on Bear market the assets finance and the optimal way to raise necessary funds is largely determined by the appropriate time and the level of liquidity and interest rate risk.
Accurate analysis for the identification of above factors and the estimation of the cash flow of a company are crucial elements for any financing scheme / process.
Our services not only focused on the entire financial scheme and the potential mismatch of financing , but we recommend the best feasible solutions in the area of:

  • Borrowing costs, the viability of the loan and the availability of liquidity
  • The existence of the possibility for alternative financing sources, business partnerships and/or investment proposals

Furthermore, we undertake under the current legal framework, the settlement of overdue loans, offering, economic analysis, legal support and representation against creditors in order to ensure the efficiency of our planning.

businesswoman drawing plan of Audit

Risk management and portfolio valuation

Portfolio Valuation

The classification of the assets /liabilities of a company based on their maturity inevitably leads to estimate them using portfolio rules.

Portfolio should be measured with modern methods based on yield-risk approaches in order to reflect the actual value.

Our services concentrated to quality and quantity analysis of individual components of each portfolio and for the company as a whole so as the position reflect the market value of it

Development and application of hedging / Uses of risk minimization products.

Business is characterized by multiple forms of risk taking. The Management should quantify them and at the same time using specific methods and /or tools to minimize risk

The contribution of Optimum Solutions Consulting, ,is concentrated on identifying and measuring risk and submitting commendation to the Management so as the appropriate methods / tools to be implemented in order the risk to be minimized. Moreover, our scope is to create the “excellent” internal charging method, in order all products to be accurately priced thus leading to the desired results.

Concept for risk management in a flowchart presentation

Budget Development

Short term planning requires, the use of budgeting tools. Based on them the objectives of a company, as a whole and per business line, could be quantified. Moreover, Management could be accurately informed about any discrepancies between actual and estimated results.

Perceiving the importance of rational management through objectives, we develop and install systems / methods and tools for budgeting, so as any discrepancies to be directly visible. Additionally, we recommend possible alternatives depending on the type and the extent of deviation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Valuation of companies – Mergers and Acquisitions

The value of any company is the basic and necessary knowledge for each shareholder and/or each manager of the specific firm. Moreover, such knowledge is the basics for business actions in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

The Optimum Solution Consulting not only has the knowledge and experience in the valuation of companies, but can contribute substantially to mergers and acquisitions covering the entire range of Finance, Accounting and Tax parameters required in such procedures. Provides both, the necessary and specialized human resources as well as a strong network of Greek and/or Foreign investors. We seek, if the existing shareholders wishes it, to have an essential role so as any negotiations have mutual benefits for both, shareholders and domestic or foreign investors.